Routes to perform in the city of Tricio

Here are the various tourist routes that perform in Tricio.

rutas en tricio

1. Route of the viewpoints

A wonderful way to admire the town and its surroundings to enjoy a unique view. Since typical industry we can find in the area (or pepper squid factories etc.), until the green landscape where mountains look like San Lorenzo. It did not take more than 15 minutes to make a route more lively nature of Tritium. Surrounding streets Salera, Thorns, Solana Gallows Road and the crossing and finishing in Causeway Street.

2. The Street of the pelota

A single street that stretches from the beginning of the pediment of Titin III to the viewpoint of Tricio. On this street we see contrails in the oldest buildings in the town, the town square with the Church of San Miguel which exudes sacristy

relics worth visiting. A street which is called Featured athletes Tricio leaving the ball in hand, the typical sport snail.

3. San Miguel – Santa Maria de Arcos

This route is the longest to make, but the richest to marvel. From the church of San Miguel inside watching everything we can turn to the Basilica of Santa Maria de Arcos, our chapel in which the project is developed, crossing the town from end to end and the road along the Camino de Arcos, we find the admirable early Christian building, not at first glance façade typical false, but the secrets inside features.