Santa Maria The Arcos’s Basillic virtual Tour

Known as the Hermitage of Tricio, this basilica dated V century and was built on an ancient Roman mausoleum of the third century. It is the oldest religious monument of La Rioja, with the particularity of being built with debris from other buildings of the former Tritium Magallum. From here we give you the opportunity to make a virtual visit to this wonderful jewel shaped basilica.

San Miguel Arcángel’s Church in Tricio virtual Tour

The church was built in honor of St. Michael the Archangel, and not very well known yet still keeps inside a number of jewelry religionas that leave no one indifferent. We can find the mausoleum of Celedón Pardo and Agüero, Felipe IV doctor. From here we give you the opportunity to make a virtual visit to this church so special..

Eritritium, Tritium Magallum. Visit It!

Numerous references of all times guarantee the origin of Tricio ancient, pre-Christian era. The oldest testimony given, the year 154 a. C., Apiano of Alexandria, naming the tritios with other tribes who opposed Roman rule. Ptolomeo, the Greek geographer of recognized authority, appointment, in the second century, to Tritium Megalon.

Videos of Events 2012

From the Association of Friends of Tricio we provide you with the DVD of the festival of San Bartolome 2012.

On this page you can watch several videos about Tricio, its people and ther parties.


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A walk through Tricio

You can not miss this tour Tricio, cradle of pelota. Enjoy the ride and come meet Tricio.

video paseo por tricio

Snail Race

On Saturday August 25 the XXVI edition was held in the pediment Augusto Ibanez Sacristan.

Donkey race

On Sunday August 26 at 13h race will take place this year Burros. Do not be an ass and do not miss it..

Real-Time Cameras in Tricio. Photos taken every 5 minutes



Basillic from  Tricio